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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Just one drop.

Just one drop of perfume is all it takes to transport you back into the arms of an ex-lover. Or to your Grandmother's vanity when you were a child. Or to a Hong Kong street market back in 1999.

Just one drop.


Just one drop of perfume is all it takes to unfurl your memory, like nothing else can. We all have a perfume story, and we all have a perfume timeline. A timeline of people and places and emotions and events, all of which have been bookmarked by scent. It could be the smell of bubblegum or a particular deodorant that reminds you of your first kiss; the smell of fresh-baked bread that takes you to your Nonna's kitchen when you were five; or the smell of a particular cologne takes you to your father's embrace right before he walked you down the aisle. All of these people and places and emotions and events can be accessed in a millisecond. 

With just. one. drop.

There can be no argument that perfume is transformative, and my passion for it extends well beyond the ordinary. For more than 25 years I have made scents my business, and have had the rare honour and privilege to transfer this passion to others. Be this by way of my writing; my numerous speaking engagements; my Youtube channel, my perfume photography shared via instagram; or through my carefully-curated month-long exhibition titled '120 Years of Attraction', held in Perth's luxury shopping precinct, Raine Square. Whichever the medium, I'm delighted you've found your way here as part of your perfume journey.

After all, what good is perfume, if it cannot be shared?


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