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Copy Writing & Content Creation

• With almost 20 years experience putting fingers to keys, transcribing olfactory impressions, insights and ideas, I have an acute appreciation of the written word and the weight it carries with the end user. I can help your perfumed product or brand make a splash in the market with customised editorial collateral for your digital and print media.


• My tertiary qualifications in the graphic design and communication arts industry have armed me with a keen sensitivity towards styling, branding and photography. This world of experience can help you present beauty pack shots and lifestyle imagery that will entice and engage.


• If you are a not-for-profit organisation with a humanitarian purpose, let's speak about where our values align and how I might volunteer my efforts in championing your perfume brand as an Ambassador for your cause.

Keynote Speaker & Perfume Educator

• For well over a decade, I have been engaged by various brands and businesses to hold perfume presentations for both internal stakeholders and for the public. These events have been carefully designed to educate and inform participants on everything from general perfume history, to highlighting individual brands and fragrances for either training or promotional purposes. Allow me to upskill your employees or educate your customers with a tailored perfume workshop.

• In 2021 I curated and held a perfume exhibition titled '120 Years of Attraction': casting a light on socially and culturally significant perfumes and perfume bottles released over the past 120 years. As host and keynote speaker at the opening event, I compelled attendees with an oral account of how perfume has recorded mankind's movement through time. At this month-long exhibition, I walked more than 3,000 members of the public through the exhibition, providing historical fact, anecdotes and insights into each of the exhibits. I welcome you to reach out if you require a keynote speaker at your next big beauty event.

Perfume Researcher & Historian

• As guardian of a vast repository of perfume and associated artefacts dating from the late 1700's, I have made it my objective to preserve antique perfume presentations and meticulously record their individual histories and provenances. In my capacity as perfume historian, I was engaged by best-selling U.S author M.J Rose to serve as a researcher for her novel 'The Book of Lost Fragrances'. If you require assistance on a similar project, or help identifying, dating, authenticating and appraising your perfume pieces, I would be delighted to assist.


• Over the years, I have had the immense pleasure to reunite both modern and heritage brands with perfumes and paraphernalia that have been lost to time. This has included the repatriation of hundred-year old perfume vessels; early promotional items; archival information; and even a few precious drops of forgotten perfume to scrutinise (and potentially reprise) using advanced chromatography and spectrometry. This restitution, in some instances, has reinvigorated the perfume traditions of some well-known houses, and helped preserve the patrimony of a number of important brands. Speak to me if you are a perfume house wishing to be reunited with early heritage objects that might once have served as the foundation for your company.

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